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Air separation equipment manufactured by ArrowCorp Inc.:

Aspiration or aerodynamic separation. Usually called an aspirator, these machines are primarily used as pre-cleaners. Product passes across and airstream so particles that have a greater surface area and more resistance to the airstream are lifted and deposited in a separate location.

ArrowCorp Inc. manufactures nine different models of aspirators to suit your needs.

A single pass aspirator which is primarily used for the removal of dust, fines, and chaff. Two models are available are an open circuit which requires an external air source. A closed circuit is also available; this model has an internal fan.

Also available is an aspirator that incorporates a scalper reel, called a Scalper/Aspirator. This machine is used to remove oversize material such as lumps, straw and other large objects that may plug or restrict product flow to the remaining equipment. The aspirator portion removes the majority of light contaminants.

The width of the Scalper/Aspirator along with the diameter of the scalping reel will determine the capacity and the CFM values required.

ArrowCorp Inc. manufactures an 18”scalper/aspirator, which utilizes an 18” diameter reel. The 18” scalper/aspirator is offered in both an open circuit and closed circuit configuration.

ArrowCorp Inc. also offers an 12”scalper/aspirator, which utilizes an 12” diameter reel.

The 12” scalper/aspirator is also offered in both an open and closed circuit configuration.

For high capacity scalping and aspirating, ArrowCorp Inc. offers our 18” dual reel Scalper/Aspirator. This model features a scalping, reclaim scalp and aspiration in a single pass. The primary reel is 18” in diameter which effectively removes oversized material, allowing the good/fine product to pass through the aspiration portion, anything that travels over the primary scalping reel travels over the reclaim scalping reel, good and fines pass through the aspiration portion. We offer the 18” dual reel Scalper/aspirator in either open or closed circuit styles.

ArrowCorp Inc. offers an open circuit cascade aspirator, which utilizes a remote fan. The product is dropped in a free fall cascade air column, air is pulled in a upward direction, as the product cascades through the column, lighter material is pulled out of the good product.

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