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Kipp Kelly Specific Gravity Separator from ArrowCorp

The Kipp-Kelly Specific Gravity Separators are known around the world as one of the easiest gravity tables to operate, along with one of the most accurate separations. In some areas of the world any gravity table is called a Kipp-Kelly. This is a testament to their popularity and reliability.

specific gravity separator Kipp-Kelly started building gravity tables and destoners in 1934. From that humble beginning, the Kipp-Kelly has earned a reputation for reliability and accuracy of separation. The Kipp Kelly Gravity is designed to separate any type of dry, granular, free-flowing material according to particle density, where the particles are about the same size, but differ in weight. The Kipp Kelly gravity efficiently removes the small amount of light material from the larger quantity of heavy material.

Kipp-Kelly specific gravity separators are utilized in the seed and food processing industries, and also the industrial industries such as mining, forestry, and recycling.

The four models available with a trapezoid style deck are the SY100, SY200, SY300, and SY400. Capacity ranges from 0.10 tonnes/hr to 4.25 tonnes/hr depending on the type of material. All four models utilize a single fan for easy operation, with an unmatched air pattern for accurate separation. The Kipp-Kelly has a very distinct and unique air pattern due to the waffle deck design. This design feature ensures that proper air volumes are provided where they needed, preventing hot spots and air cross over. Six adjustments can be made - feed rate, variable length of eccentric throw, eccentric speed, volume of air, end slope, and side tilt.

Features and Benefits

Trapezoid (triangular) shaped separation deck. - Wide discharge allowing additional discharge points (up to 6 individual discharge points are available).

Mechanical variable speed deck shake is adjustable while in operation. - Trouble-free service, very good accessibility, with quick removable guards for easy inspection

Deck stroke length variable via indexed eccentric hearts. - Separation can be customized according to particle size. Kipp-Kelly is the only density separator company to offer this as a standard feature.

Adjustable tilt and slope while machine is operating. – This allows fine tuning of machine operations while the machine is in operation.

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