ArrowCorp Grain Cleaning

ArrowCorp Grain Cleaning

Grain Cleaners Built by Designers at ArrowCorp

ArrowCorp is a leader in the design and manufacture of grain cleaning equipment. ArrowCorp is a successful international company with its operations based in central North America. ArrowCorp’s head offices are located at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

ArrowCorp was established by three principals, who in 1990 decided that they wanted to do more for their customers. So, with over forty years combined experience, they began to manufacture and distribute the industry's most advanced material handling, dust control and grain cleaning equipment.

granulator, oat milling

Kipp-Kelly Provides International Profile

With the purchase in 1996 of world renowned Kipp-Kelly, ArrowCorp went into high gear as an original equipment manufacturer; designing, manufacturing, and distributing grain cleaners for a variety of customer applications around the globe.

The Kipp-Kelly line equipment is the oldest Canadian manufactured line of specific grain cleaners, including gravity separators, industrial concentrators, destoners, and rotary granulators.

ArrowCorp has recently developed another product line named Orion, the newest generation of air screen seed conditioning equipment. With many new innovations and improvements, the Orion line of screen machines are setting a new standard worldwide.

air/screen conditioner

Whether industrial or agricultural, our customer relationships are paramount. ArrowCorp is dedicated to fulfilling the diverse needs of customers through finely tuned grain cleaners and exceptional service. So no matter where in the world your operation is located, ArrowCorp can supply the products and expertise to make your business more productive and profitable.

The ArrowCorp Umbrella

ArrowCorp has added the Orion Air/Screen Cleaners, Dust Control Equipment, Kipp-Kelly Thresher/Debearders, Cascade Aspirators and Scalper/Aspirators. Arrow has pursued an aggressive product development course that continues to this day. The most recent addition is the New Pegasus Density Separator, which draws on over 70 years of Kipp-Kelly Density Separator experience.

ArrowCorp Pegasus Gravity Table

Premier Grain Cleaner Company Signs On

In December of 2004, Premier Grain Cleaner Company joined with ArrowCorp Group of companies. Premier is a new manufacturer of Indent Length Separating equipment started in 2004, located in New Brighton, Minnesota. The Premier facility include all equipment required to manufacture indented cylinders for their own proprietary equipment, but also replacement indents for all North American made indents including, Carter-Day, Ideal, Northland-Superior and Crippen.

With Premier’s addition ArrowCorp can supply complete systems for new and existing grain and seed facilities. The Premier Facility has a state of the art carbonitiding furnace for hardening of all indented cylinders produced in the facility. ArrowCorp and Premier infuse new technology to help design and manufacture new and old products. Computerized 3-D modeling, use of laser/plasma cut steel and jig-welding fixtures ensure dependable, consistent products. All new designs incorporate simplicity in ease of operation and maintenance. Great care is taken in the fit and finish of our equipment. Kipp-Kelly, ArrowCorp and Premier equipment are renown for their durability and ease of operation, which continues to this day.

indent separator

ArrowCorp has continued to expand, with it's head office and manufacturing in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, U.S. manufacturing at Premier Grain Cleaner Company in New Brighton, Minnesota and a sales office in Rocky Ford, Colorado. Presently there are over 45 people directly employed by ArrowCorp.

Did you know?

ArrowCorp celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2009!

The Kipp-Kelly division of ArrowCorp is celebrating 96 years of business.

The Kipp-Kelly division has built Gravity Tables and Destoners for 75 years, and Oat Milling Equipment for over 85 years.

ArrowCorp acquired Premier Grain Cleaner Company in December, 2004. Premier manufacture Indented Length Graders.

Since ArrowCorp acquired Kipp-Kelly in 1996, and Premier in 2004, over two million dollars have been spent in R&D, product upgrades and new products.

ArrowCorp have two manufacturing facilities, Winnipeg, Canada and New Brighton, Minnesota, USA.


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