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screenWhen it comes to manufacturing screen , ArrowCorp has built an international reputation for quality screen manufacturing. In addition to replacement screens for our products, we can custom design screens for any customer application or existing equipment.

All standard perforations are available, including slots, round holes and triangular or buckwheat perforations. They are available in bulk sheets or mounted on screen frames to the manufacturer's or customer's specifications.

Standard screen frames available include: (in inches)

screen screen
screen screen

Clipper - 54 x 26, 54 x 34, 54 x 60, 42 x 26, 42 x 34, 42 x 60

Crippen - 54 x 36, 54 x 44, 54 x 54, 42 x 36, 42 x 44, 42 x 54

Delta/Carter - 31 3/8 x 49 (800 mm x 1250 mm)

Damas/Westrup - 31 x 59 (750 mm x 1500 mm)

If you're unsure of proper size perforations for an application, ask an ArrowCorp representative for a recommendation garnered from our extensive product data sheets.

Special or unique applications for manufacturing screen may require testing in our lab to determine the correct shape and size of perforation for the job.

Perforated sheets or wire mesh screens are an integral portion of most seed and grain cleaning operations. Let ArrowCorp be your source of reliable and economical screen products.

For additional information please contact us by telephone at 204-632-1000; or fax us at 204-632-0643.


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